Remedies and Wellness

Remedies and Wellness


Remedies and wellness is common target and the core output among all forms of remedial sciences. They present a vast spectrum of therapeutic medicines. These medicines include Ayurveda medicine and Homeopathy medicine as well. The Ayurveda system was originated in India. It is based upon the principle that the imbalance in natural forces is responsible for bad health. It therefore, treats dosha of the body with a holistic approach.


The Ayurveda medicines are derived from plants, animals and metals. So, Ayurveda study includes various aspects of remedial sciences, one of which is herbal medicine. Also known as Phytomedicine, it is based on healing therapy and refers to the study of plants only. It is based on extraction of medicinal components from various parts of plants. These parts may be seeds, roots, leaves, flowers, buds, barks and also berries.


HERBS for Remedies and Wellness

In ancient times, herbal sciences used to be the only source of remedial products or medicines. People in different parts of the world made more or less similar medical compositions. They presented almost the same remedies in their own ways under different names.


These natural health remedies were prepared even at homes. They offered great cure for day to day health issues like cough, cold and body pain. Even today, the natural remedies for flu and cold are into practice. The flu remedies are made out of the ingredients that are easily available in every Indian household. The best home remedies also included various herbs grown or found easily.



As time passed, the researchers modified natural ingredients obtained from plants. They started synthesizing chemical compounds in laboratories. These chemicals on one hand, diminish the symptoms of disease while on the other hand, they lay harmful effects on the body. These are what we call side effects of a particular drug.


These medicines work on fast track mode. They subject the body to synthetic compounds. These compounds reduce the symptoms at the surface. Inspite of these facts, they became important remedies and wellness owing to the desperation among the patients. As a result, the herbal medicines took shape of chemically induced drugs. They are the conventional medicines of today.



Luckily today, people have started understanding the significance of natural medicines. Herbal medicines are back from that ancient era to the present one. The herbal medicines are not just about treating any particular ailment. They stay constantly associated with overall wellness. Unlike the chemical-bound medicines, they do not suppress the symptoms. They rather work on to heal and treat. Meanwhile, this does not affect the quality of life unlike conventional medicines. Herbal medicines do not have any side effects.


Not to mention, the herbal remedies root out the problem using the natural components. These herbal components enable the body to fight infection on its own. They do not contain any artificially generated chemical component. Infact, they work on the body in gentle way. Given these points, the natural remedies and wellness ensure that you establish a good quality of life. In conclusion, they offer best remedies for health wellness.


Purenaturals products are based on natural ingredients for remedies and wellness. Infact, they give you remedial as well as preventive intervention. Our health products follow therapeutic approach. Whatever you use, is beneficial in some or the other way. They would detox and nourish to get you the positive results for a good life ahead.