Bhoole-Bisre Anaaj – Unlocking Ancient Kitchens!

Bhoole-Bisre Anaaj – Unlocking Ancient Kitchens!

Those Were the Days…

Imagine the sound of winnowing done by ladies standing close to the heaps of grains, on a fine sunny day. And the spread of wet grains on sarees and dupattas basking under the Sun, waiting to get dried for that perfect grind. These pleasant sights are very rare today, as these Indian grains have diminished and these winnowing women have been replaced by huge modern machines in food processing units.


Reviving The Original & Pure

The traditional preparations of these food grains have been long forgotten practices now. That earthy aroma of these Indian grains has been replaced by artificial flavors and essences. The trend of refined grain products like refined flour or maida and polished rice, had led to serious health concerns as it contains just the fattening carbohydrates. The fat further leads to various health complications.  Time has come when the present-day food trends need to go back to follow old basics. Owing to the plethora of health benefits that our Indian whole grains offer, it’s time for the health conscious souls to switch over to  the old traditional foods that have been lost somewhere in the crowd of refined ones popping up almost every day.


The Goodness – Only from Indian Grains

The whole grains like Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Barley provide fiber, B vitamins – thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and folate) and minerals – iron, selenium, magnesium.

Jowar – The Humble Ancient Grain



Jowar comes as an excellent source of calcium, phosphorus, protein and dietary fiber. Iron and copper help in regulating normal blood circulation which aids in normal body functions.


Bajra – An Ancient Energy Recharge


Pearl Millet known as Bajra offers essential nutrients like phosphorous, magnesium iron, protein and fiber.


Ragi – The Soulful Grain





Finger Millet, popular as Ragi provides roughage or fiber that gets the cholesterol level within range. It helps in diabetes management, weight control and keeps the body feeling fine.


Barley – The Hearty Indian Grain From the Past



Barley, like other grains, also presents high content of dietary fiber that helps in improving digestion, weight-loss, blood sugar, cholesterol and prevents heart ailments. It contains loads of antioxidants and is high in minerals and vitamins.

The Secret to Grandma’s Kitchen

These Bhoole-Bisre Anaaj (long-forgotten grains), apart from all the wholesomeness that they contain, provide all the roughage and dietary fibers. These fibers help keeping a check on blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels. They thus, minimize the risk of heart diseases. They also keep the digestion and bowel system healthy and prevent constipation. Not to miss, these nutritious grains also help in weight management. While the refined foods work just the opposite on the body. They thus, play a very vital role in maintaining the general upkeep of the body, keeping a number of diseases at bay.


Healthful Cooking and Eating

Well, you might have been wondering about the extent of stamina that our grandparents used to work with, all day long without giving up. Ofcourse the credit goes to their healthy cooking eating habits and the purity of foods that they had. By the way, we still remember our grandmothers who used to stay engrossed in their domestic chores all by themselves, without giving up. You surely wish you had the same stamina and strength, don’t you?


Well, if you really want to, you will have to unlock that old kitchen of your grandma and fill those rusty canisters with these super-food grains all over again.


Ancient Indian Grains from Khadi Organic #byPurenaturals

Khadi byPurenaturals is proud to present a good range of these super-grains that include:


  • Bajra Daliya
  • Nutritious Bajra Atta
  • Bajra Missi Atta
  • Panch Ratan Khichdi
  • Nav Ratan Khichdi
  • Saat Ratan Khichdi
  • Dibetes Support Atta
  • High Protein Fiber Atta
  • MultiGrain Dalia
  • Bajra Haleem Pre-Cook Mix
  • Jowar Atta
  • Ragi Atta
  • Soya Atta
  • Barley Atta
  • Chia Seeds
  • Organic Rice


These ancient Indian grains are worth a big space in your kitchen forever, for a healthy you and your family!