Wholesomeness in a Bowl – It’s Khichdi!

Wholesomeness in a Bowl – It’s Khichdi!

In Indian food arena, the identity of Khichdi has instantly gained magnitude ever since it has been proposed for the crown of ‘national food’. From bland and boring food option for the unwell to being ‘Brand India Food’, the identity of Khichdi has traveled a huge distance overnight. It, infact has been promulgated as the Indian “super food” on a huge platform like the World Food India, organised on November 3-5, by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries along with CII .


Khichdi – The Staple Indian Super-Recipe

No matter, if the Khichdi gets the crown or not, it has always and will always be the staple healthy diet for Indians. It binds all the diverse states of India in a tasty culinary way as it is savored in all of them. The methods of preparation, recipe and ingredients may vary state to state. They may also vary culture to culture and kitchen to kitchen. The best part about this food is that it presents truckload of nutrients that are essential for health. Khichdi represents the concept of India’s unity in diversity, as it is just the amalgamation of all the grains, lentils and spices cooked as one! It becomes the most power-packed food that describes the power of unity of all the nutritional goodness that its variety of ingredients yield.


Khichdi Can be a Delicacy Too!

It would be wrong to consider, that Khichdi is meant just for those who are unwell, have digestive issues or are suffering from some kind of ailment. However, Khichdi or porridge can be unbelievably delectable provided you get innovative in the kitchen. With nice ‘Tadkas’, seasoning, and accompaniments like chutneys, pickles and papads or poppadams, you can make it a perfect treat for the taste buds.


Khichdi bypurenaturals for Healthy India Drive

Khadi bypurenaturals is proud to introduce the exclusive organic multi-grain Daliya. It contains the goodness of Wheat, Chana, Finger Miller or Bajra, Makka and Barley. It is completely organic with organic farmlands as the major sources of its ingredients. High in Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants, it . Moreover, these multi-grains rich in fiber content helps improve digestion and weight-loss. So, it can be a dieter’s food too. It is a power-rich food for all age-groups.


Cook Up n Hook Up!

Multigrain Daliya Khichdi is a great food option for people of all age-groups and preparing it is a child’s play. You just need to roast it in some pure desi ghee or clarified butter. Then soak it in the water for sometime. Once each and every grain is soaked well enough, add lots of chopped vegetables. You may like to add tomato, onion, carrots, peas, potato, beans and all that you love. Don’t forget to add salt as per your taste and a pinch of turmeric. Cook the cocktail of goodness. You may pressure cook or slow cook giving all the ingredients adequate time to release their juices and blend. Cook it up well. You may then mix it well to get a pasty consistency. In addition to this, season it with cumin seeds, asafoetida or Hing roasted in ghee and some spices too.

It is equally important to garnish with some more ghee or butter and some salads. Ofcourse! The rich desi aroma of this simple yet a wholesome superfood is definitely a treat to the taste-buds and health.


So, let us all cook Happiness, for a Healthy Happy India! 🙂